• Alex Salmeron

Bat Boy Bankie

"My people fed up,

Baby gotta keep your head up

Wanna see us dead..

Know the killer streets aint said none"

- Bat Boy Bankie (Sidetracked)

I think this verse right here is enough to explain how Bat Boy Bankie thinks from a creative stand point. Bat Boy Bankie is an up and coming artist from Cleveland, Ohio. This is a man who not only is a very talented product of his environment but also has the gift of being able to share his story in the most understandable way possible. Through relatable music.

There is something about Bat Boy thats so fucking unique. Its a combination of his real heavy trap sound, with 8O8s and all, as well as the melody touches he decides to throw into his music. The contrast inbetween these two versions of Bat Boy Bankie stirs together very fucking well, despite it being two different versions of him. You see a very rock/pop influenced Bat Boy and a very REAL TRAP STREET side of him.

Its not too often that I come across an artist with so much talent and potential to become a huge name in this music industry. And seeing this man who seemingly showed up dropping nothing less than certified bangers is actually interesting.

"Wake Em Up" by Bat Boy Bankie is the song that introduced me to the man himself. I remember scrolling through instagram and coming across a crazy video of a man in a black ski mask with what seemed to be bat ears on the top portion of the mask. Bat Boy Bankie wasnt by himself either but with other men surrounding him wearing similar ski mask only instead.. They were in a yellow colorway.



These were all thoughts going through my head as I listened to this snippet. I was instantly interested in what I had just came across. Who was this man? Why the fuck is his music slapping this hard!? I had no clue but what I did know was that I had came across one of the craziest talents I have heard in such a long time and I had to start digging.

I started by looking for his instagram account, which did not take long for me to find since it was on the post as well as in the comment section of the snippet video. And there it was on his instagram. The same video. The same hitter.

From there the only thing I could do moving forward was listen to the actual song in its entirety, so I went searching and found it on youtube. Posted under the ELEVATOR page where I've came across other up and coming talent as well.

Whenever the video started playing I thought i was tripping, maybe playing a youtube ad or something. Thing's did not add up for me though when a very calming and melodic rock/pop song started playing. A whole different sound than the snippet that introduced me to Bat Boy Bankie. When the music video kept this song playing showing Bat Boy sitting at a playground with an all black outfit that consisted of a hoodie and jeans with extremely elongated sleeves and jeans I realized this was the same hard hitting trap artist I was looking for and he turned out to be EVEN BETTER than what I initially came across. This was not just another musician. Bat Boy Bankie was doing something completely out of the ordinary in the best way possible.

This is what music needs. People tend to box in artist in a group of music that they think the artist belongs to. That is literally fucking impossible to do with Bat Boy Bankie.

I think this man has a lot going for him in the future if he keeps going at the pace he is going. I came in contact with Bat Boy Bankie in order to find out more about the man from the direct source himself. Stating the fact that while trying to research about him I could barely even find out where he was from. Hopefully in the near future we can show the world who and what is Below The Surface of Bat Boy Bankie.


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